Anonymous asked:

Wait so is anything gonna happen about not watching the premier? I think it's a great idea and hopeful will knock some sense into A&E. We should do it!

regina-obsession answered:

I won’t be really counted in for this because I have already quit the show, So I won’t be watching anymore unless the writing starts getting good again and the show starts making sense, Which is highly unlikely.





This is the thing isnt it? a good million veiwers have already stopped. It would be nice if those of us with other isses besides SQ would also stop watching it, then maybe it would be a statment. Arent rumbellers mad as well? a lot of people should be dropping this show.

I’ve stopped watching this show because I have given up hope that S1 level writing is ever coming back, or that the cast is ever going to become more diverse, or that there is going to be more than one queer character, or that the writers are suddenly going to realize that consent is important to healthy relationships…

It would be nice if those of us with other isses besides SQ would also stop watching it

Swan Queen is not the reason why I quit OUAT, I quit because of the bad writing and many other things that is wrong with it, Which I shouldn’t have to list. It’s just not the show I fell in love with anymore.  I miss season 1 :(

The more I think about it, the more I realize that OUAT should’ve been a miniseries, plus Rumple reuniting with Neal at the end instead of “Magic is coming” setting up another season.

Season 1 had its issues, and I was excited to see where they went with the how after such a solid first season.

Then they went zero places and just recycled plots over and over again.